The public company Kelso Technologies Inc. began as a mining equipment supplier in March 1987.  Over time the focus of the company moved into the railway equipment supply industry.  By 1996 Kelso's new VP of Engineering, Barry LaCroix, had developed a pressure relief valve for the North American rail tank car market for which Kelso would act as the distributor.  The company was a small player that failed to gain sales traction with the pressure relief valve that received regulatory approval and became available for sale in 2001. 

After the US economy shrank in late 2008 and throughout 2009, Kelso struggled financially.  In April 2010 the Board of Directors brought in a business developer, James R. Bond, and other key management to begin the rebuilding process.  With a newly patented manway technology to offer in addition to the pressure relief valves, the company began the regulatory approval process for the manway and commenced the marketing of their safer technology for the transport of hazardous goods to the rail tank car industry.