Innovative service equipment for moving HAZMAT safely


Our primary goal is to improve the safety of industry workers and the environment while providing substantial returns on investment to our customers and investors worldwide.

Kelso is an innovator in the railroad equipment supply industry in North America.  The company is engaged in the design, engineering, sales, production and distribution of patented technologies.  A series of external pressure relief valves, eduction tubes and a revolutionary new manway design for rail tank cars and roadway tank trailers are product lines available from Kelso.  These innovative technologies are designed to reduce the risk of environmental harm due to non-accidental releases (NAR) in the transport of hazardous commodities in North America.

Kelso's edge is new technology.  Our external pressure relief valve replaces current product designs that are 50 years old; and the Kelso Klincher™ manway replaces the old eye-bolt versions that are nearly 100 years old.


Eye-bolt manway                                         Kelso Klincher® manway

With the enforcement of more stringent American and Canadian environmental regulations, the adverse effects of wear and tear on existing railroad fleets and the eventual economic recovery in North America, management expects that the railroad industry will rebound significantly.  The sale of Kelso products into this environment should result in solid revenue opportunities as the company scales its production upward to meet the industry demands.


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"Kelso has taken the initiative to design a superior tank car manway securement system, something that has been needed for a long time. The Kelso Klincher is safer for workers to use, faster to open an..."John R. O'Neill, President of The Firefighters Education and Training Foundation