Wheel Cleaning System

Kelso provides transportation components for the railroad sector with a unique rail wheel cleaning system designed in consultation with Class I railroads. The WCS is used in railroad hump yards and industrial shipping facilities to solve the issue of railcar wheels 'caking' with various commodities. The heavy-duty cleaning system can reliably maintain and improve the performance of rail cars by removing build-up of caked materials on the rail wheels.

Some of the more challenging commodities addressed by the WCS include crude oil/tar, salt water slurry, flour water slurry, Portland cement, lime powder slurry, sugar water slurry, potash and sulfur.

Our standard 46-foot WCS is a modular design that can be transported to a site and installed. The basic system is mechanical and does not require any external power supply. It can be customized to accommodate various contaminants and automated if required to allow signal operators to turn the system on or off.
For more information on the Kelso wheel cleaning system, please contact our sales office at 903-583-9200 or via email at sales@kelsotech.com