Fueling Valves

Hydrau-Flo® fuel filling valves provide safe handling and overfill protection for heavy equipment including railroad locomotives.  The range of valves are designed to prevent overfilling, fuel spillage, waste, fuel theft and remove the risk of tank ruptures from pressure build-up during and after filling.  They are a low-cost solution that can improve fueling times by more than 80%, increasing productivity of heavy equipment fleets.   

With approximately 23,000 locomotives in service today in North America, rail could benefit greatly from Hydrau-Flo® efficiencies. In addition to railroad customers, Hydrau-Flo® valves are designed for use by military, oil and gas, mining exploration, marine and other heavy equipment industries. 

For more information on Hydrau-Flo® valves, please contact our Sales team at 903-583-9200 or via email at sales@kelsotech.com