Emergency Response Kit

Kelso's new Emergency Response Kit (ERK) was designed for first responders and hazmat teams to utilize in the event of an accident involving rail tank cars.  With input and recommendations from Class I railroads, chemical companies and emergency responders, our ERK was created to address performance, safety and deployment issues unresolved with current models of kits.

Specialty features:

  • high-strength aluminum bridges
  • 750psi containment cans 
  • Teflon-coated interiors of cans 
  • non-slip exterior on color-coded cans
  • unique serial numbers for tracking each can
  • pressure gauges to 100/300/600psi
  • performance-tested on a rolled tank car

For more information on the new Kelso ERK, please contact Sales at 903-583-9200 or email sales@kelsotech.com