Bottom Outlet Valve

Kelso’s bottom outlet valve offers performance and reliability as ‘best available technology’ designed to withstand the harsh commodities and environments in rail tank car transportation.  Kelso’s BOV model with its patented ceramic ball design is approved for Field Service Trial under AAR M1002.

The Kelso BOV fits standard tank car saddles, meets federal requirements to eliminate the handle and is designed for both hazardous and non-hazardous service.  

Features and benefits:

·         TFM seat material provides higher temperature ranges
·         Ceramic wiper keeps the ball clear of debris and build-up
·         Ceramic ball provides better sustainability, function and variable services
·         Ceramic ball is corrosion- and temperature-resistant with no expansion or contraction
·         Easy to use with only a quarter-turn required to fully open or close
·         Self-adjusting stem seal keeps constant pressure on packing
·         Handle design meets the new AAR Handle Requirement
·         Low profile design fits standard tank car saddles
·         Available for both jacketed and non-jacketed rail tank cars