Pressure Cars

Kelso has developed products and distribution lines for components used on pressure cars, pressure differential cars and general purpose cars. Our focus is on providing our customers with the best available technology by having our engineers redesign current components to improve safety and performance, or by aligning with companies that already provide better products.

For more information on Kelso products please contact your Sales Representative or call 1-903-583-9200.

Kelso Pressure Car Kit brochure 2017-03.pdf822.15 KB
Kelso Pressure Car PRV 330H Specification Sheet 2017-03.pdf113.83 KB
Kelso Pressure Car PRV 330HS Specification Sheet 2017-03.pdf113.79 KB
Kelso Angle Valve Specification Sheet 2017-03.pdf120.81 KB
Kelso Angle Valve Stainless Specification Sheet 2017-03.pdf121.23 KB